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We are putting a new spin on social distancing each Sunday! As you meet our team at our welcome table through the doors you will be given a sticker color option, which will help to communicate social distancing cues. The stickers will inform your friends from a distance of how you would like to be approached (or not).


We are using the same colors we all recognize from traffic signals to communicate your level of comfort.


The following are the meanings for each color: 


GREEN means you are okay with pre-COVID behaviors such as handshaking, high-fives, and hugs.


YELLOW means you desire some caution and respect social distancing guidelines.


RED means you desire extreme social distancing and the highest precautions. You may be at high risk or caring for someone who is at high risk.


Your safety and comfort are our top priority. We ask that everyone respects the different stickers. If you come in contact with someone without a sticker, standard social distancing guidelines apply. Each weekend you will be given an option for a new color sticker as you become more comfortable with social distancing.

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